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Traditional remedies stood the test of time for a reason, they work! Health trends and fad diets rise and fall, like the winter wheat, but these traditional, sometimes ancient remedies will never die. In this article, I want to share with you 4 traditional natural remedies that actually work.

#1 Hot Tea for Cold & Flu

Let's start with something I think most people can resonate with. Tea must be one of the oldest forms of healing in the modern world. Tea has been widely studied to perform over 100 beneficial pharmacological actions. One of those actions is helping you get over a cold or flu quicker.

Green tea and Echinacea have been shown to shorten cold and flu symptoms, compared to a placebo. Another gift that compliments tea so well is honey. Adding good quality honey to your tea during the cold and flu season is an excellent way to enhance taste and add healing properties. A little lemon for its Vitamin C content creates one heck of a natural cup of anti-virals.

#2. Neti Pot for Allergies

The Far East tradition of using a neti pot to cleanse the sinuses has been used for centuries. Fortunately, it has been adopted throughout the West, as we see it available in drug stores and pharmacies nationwide.

Using distilled water and a saline solution, the spout of the pot is placed against each nostril, and as you tilt your head slightly, pour the water into each nostril whilst calmly breathing through your mouth.

The water will flow through the other nostril, carrying with it any debris that can cause irritation.

The warm water also helps heal and relax the sinus cavity, whilst clearing your nasal passage for better breathing. Be sure to read the neti pot instructions before use.

#3. Water therapy for Muscle Damage

The Romans installed remarkable plumbing systems to heat mineral baths, for the purposes of healing. This form of therapy has existed for thousands of years!

They were designed for the purpose of rejuvenation, relaxation and healing.

You can easily turn your own bathroom into an ancient center for healing with hot water, cold water, or adding Epsom salts.

A 2019 study found that daily mineral soaks provide a clear benefit for different muscular concerns. Next time you feel some muscle tightness, enjoy a warm bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts.

Science tells you it's worthwhile.

#4. Turmeric for Inflammation

If you don't have the spice Turmeric in your kitchen, you are seriously missing out on remarkable plant medicine. Turmeric is one of the most well researched natural substances, and is widely used by athletes and active individuals who seek a reduction in joint pain and inflammation. Turmeric has been shown to even outperform modern drugs for its powerful healing benefits.

If you intend to use turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is important to consume it on a consistent basis, to insure its effectiveness. If you don't use it within your cooking, many good quality supplements exist.

For advice on what's right for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

I hope those 4 natural remedies offer you some relief and alternative healing options.

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP

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