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for HEALTH professionals

Clinicians, Therapists, Naturopaths,

Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, Herbalists, Nutritionists & Acupuncturists.

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What does it mean to be a

Truehope Health Associate?

Over 5,000 healthcare professionals use Truehope products in their practice to assist their patients in achieving Brain and Body Health...naturally.  


Call us at 1-866-397-3121 and start your patients on their journey today. Also, get the benefit of discounted pricing!

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How do I Reorder Truehope Products?

You can reorder Truehope products by calling

1-866-397-3121, and one of our friendly Truehope Canada associates will be happy to assist you.


Print Truehope Literature

Print your own copy of our EMP third party study publication guide or call Truehope Canada at 1-866-397-3121 to order.

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