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Made in Canada



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BMD with K2

BMD has you covered when it comes to creating stronger bones, teeth, gums, nails and joints. 


Following our highly acclaimed EMPower Plus formula,

BMD is a properly balanced, extremely bioavailable

mineral supplement with just the right vitamins to

ensure that you don’t just feel good about taking it but

that you feel great from it. 

  • 7 properly balanced bone-building and hormone-balancing minerals.

  • 3 vitamins are necessary for the absorption and proper assimilation of calcium in the body.

  • Proprietary absorption technology ensures that the minerals get to where they need to go in the body.

Remember… you aren’t what you eat but rather what you absorb. 


When producing BMD, no corners are cut to ensure maximum absorption and the most excellent delivery of results. Traditionally, BMD was made to be used alongside Truehope’s EMPower Plus to deliver more bone-building minerals without offsetting the delicate balance and success of the minerals already found in EMPower Plus.


Today, many are using BMD as a stand-alone bone builder with great success. Over the years, many women have reported that BMD has alleviated much of the discomfort and issues surrounding menstruation.


Are you interested in increasing your bone and hormone health? Put BMD to the test today!

Bone Health
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