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A comprehensive blend of amino acids and vitamins that takes mental and physical wellbeing to the next level! 

  • 23 free form amino acids that supply your body the building blocks of all proteins, neurotransmitters and hormones.

  • Proprietary balance that achieves the requirements for optimal human nutrition. 

  • Includes all branch chain and essential amino acids.

  • Freeform amino acids means that no digestion of proteins is required, equating to significantly increased and rapid absorption.

  • 7 vitamins included that enhance the performance of the amino acids in the body.

Simply put, thousands of individuals have experienced a significant elevation in their mood, physical performance and overall well being by using Truehope’s unique Freeminos formulation… especially when used alongside Truehope’s EMPower Plus. 


Gluten Free




Made in Canada




Why are Amino Acids Important?

Truehope Freeminos is a mix of 7 vitamins and 23 amino acids, including all of the branch chain and essential aminos. Freeminos is designed to rapidly absorb, providing the body and brain with an ideal balance of amino acids to promote mental and physical wellbeing. For even greater results, take Truehope Freeminos with Truehope EMPower Plus.

Quality you can count on

Without a regular supply of high quality bioavailable amino acids, like the Truehope Freeminos, the body must break down its own tissues, such as muscle, to sustain vital functions. Those with existing health conditions, or those subject to high loads of physical and/or mental stress, are at risk for this breakdown process to occur. For this reason amino acids are required in sufficient quantities for optimal health. Due to the poor quality of our food supply, many people must supplement to meet their dietary needs. Amino acids are the basic building blocks for every part of the human body. They help the body to transport and store nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Amino acids are also fundamental components of hormones and neurotransmitters, which are main contributors to mental and physical health.

Can the quality be counted on?

At Truehope, we are committed to providing you with the most effective and natural health products available. The Truehope Freeminos is our own free-form amino acid supplement and it is one of the most comprehensive and balanced blends on the market. Truehope Freeminos has been designed to quickly deliver essential amino acids needed for proper metabolic functioning throughout the body. Truehope Freeminos can be used as part of the process of transitioning off psychiatric medications, or anytime as a daily amino acid supplement.

Human Nutritional Requirements

Some manufactures of amino acid products balance their blends based on the information of amino acid content found in cow's milk or chicken eggs. We have gone one step further and investigated the amino acid content in human mother's milk. From this research we carefully selected our ingredients and tailored the amino acid ratios to adequately address human nutritional requirements. Optimal absorption Truehope Freeminos is a free-form amino acid supplement* which means it does not need to be digested before it can enter the body. Our ingredients are easily absorbed and they nourish your body quickly making Truehope Freeminos one of the most bioavailable products of its kind. Superior formulation By formulating Truehope Freeminos based on mother's milk, our blend outperforms other products in several ways. Compared to most amino acid supplements:
• We have more essential amino acids per serving. • We also have 50% more branched chain amino acids, which are the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. • Contains the essential vitamins necessary for the body to optimally utilize these amino acids. • Nearly twice as much glutamine and glutamic acid. These important amino acids are necessary for the body to better cope with mental and physical stress. • The addition of L-Theanine which helps to promote relaxation.
Our superb Truehope Freeminos will give you the quality and results you can always expect from Truehope.