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Debbie - "Kelly, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 15 years ago. At the time, we had 3 little boys and he could still go to work. I still don't know how he managed to keep his job. He went through a manic phase, spent a lot of money and had a grand mal seizure. We were worried about his health and didn't know what was wrong with him. He didn't want to be married, he wanted to do his own thing and not listen to anybody."

Kelly - "I guess I had a deep depression first, so bad that I got extremely skinny and would hide underneath coffee tables, I was basically just existing. Very depressed, very down, and then suddenly I flipped and went manic and became out of control. I spent money like a fool. I spent $110,000 in 3 months on everything and everyone in my life."

Debbie - "It's been many years of ups and downs, trying to cope, make things work, be happy and deal with somebody who is not well. To be there for them when you're frustrated because they are not listening and not well, when they think they are well."

Kelly - "We were on the brink of destruction in our marriage, and we got talking to a pastor who told me that I have something medically wrong with you. You should go and see a doctor. My wife had been telling me that for months, and I didn't listen to her. I thought everyone else was crazy, but for some reason I listened to him and went to the doctor.

Debbie started sharing my symptoms, and the doctor told me I have bipolar. From there, he started me on lithium, which helped, then I transitioned into Effexor. Effexor worked, the best of all of them, but suddenly they quit working."

Debbie - "It was a battle. A couple of times a year, he would be worse, so they would have to tweak his medication, but he didn't realize he was getting worse.

Everyone in the family did, he just didn't notice it. It took its effect on the rest of the family. The kids were afraid of him because he was verbally abusive, he never hit anyone. But he is a big and loud man."


Kelly - "Initially, our oldest son Cody had some serious problems. We were scared and worried about him. We ordered EMPower Plus for him initially, but I thought I may try it too."

Debbie - "When we found something different, I was afraid all those things were going to happen again. I was excited and happy it might work, something new to try, and it was all natural. It made sense, but it was scary to have to go through that again. The reason we started it was because the effexor wasn't working anymore, we had to make a change!"

Kelly - "I started talking to Micronutrient Support, and I started on the maximum dose, and followed the instructions for reducing my prescription drugs. I took that seriously because I researched the effects of withdrawal from effexor. Within 4 days, I noticed a difference, I had a deep wellness in my brain."

Debbie - "I have noticed that many of his symptoms have been corrected with EMPower Plus. Things that I would take for granted, like sitting down and reading a book for a few hours, he could not do that!

Before he would have 10 books on the go at a time, because his attention span was so short. It is so nice to sit and read together. For him to read and finish a book is an accomplishment.

He has a lot more energy and is interested in losing weight. He is more pleasant to be around, before I would have to psych myself up for when he came home from work, because we never knew what type of mood he was going to be in. Now we are excited to have him home.

It is truly hopeful for people who have no hope because it works! It is so nice to see how he is getting better and better everyday, and I know it will help many people."

Kelly - "EMPower Plus has given our life back, we are falling in love again. My wife has got back her husband that she married 25 years ago, and my relationship with my boys is deeper and better than ever. It's wonderful, like I have been born again."

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.” – Emily Dickinson

Have a beautiful week!

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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