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Our last blog post opened your eyes and mind to the possibility that Alzheimer's disease was optional rather than inevitable. This post will focus on some key areas of focus that can help prevent Alzheimer's.

It is important to know that Alzheimer's disease is a complex disease that takes decades to express symptoms. A lot of money has been wasted on the falsity that beta-amyloid plaques cause Alzheimer's. Healing a condition that takes so long to manifest takes time, and creating a healing environment is key.

Diet & Nutrition

A reduction in sugar is 100% necessary. Alzhimer's is often now referred to as type 3 diabetes, and if you're not aware of what diabetes is, let me give you a quick refresher. We will not cover Type 1 diabetes as this is a genetic condition. The preventable version is called Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when you're unable to get sugar into your cells. Your cells become resistant to it by downgrading insulin receptors needed to get sugar inside the cell. This happens when the body is flooded with insulin due to a diet high in refined, processed sugar.

The functional approach to treating type 3 diabetes is to drastically reduce the body's influx of sugar and switch to a diet mainly consisting of protein and healthy fats.

Remember, our ancestors did not have the same access to sugar as we do today; it is literally killing us; you can learn more about a ketogenic diet and similar eating plans on this podcast episode.

Bringing Inositol into your diet will help balance your blood sugar and make the dietary transition much more enjoyable.


If we want to affect the brain positively, we must increase blood flow to that area. When we do that, we also improve lymphatic flow. This allows us to clear unwanted debris from our brains. Walking every day is fantastic, but we need to be doing more than that.

Remember, we are attempting to prevent serious disease, a disease that in some cases has been growing strong for 2-3 decades.

By slightly elevating your heart rate during cardiovascular and strength training, you will increase your capacity for resilience and increase testosterone.

Including brain strengthening exercises will also support good quality brain health.

Removing the Junk

Now this is a key area for everyone in the household because it doesnt matter your age or health status, removing some of these junk items will vastly improve your health.

Be sure to clear the house of mould, as their toxins are extremely poisonous. Many household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals, so consider switching to cleaner products.

Plug-in fragrances gain access to the brain via the nose and are almost always poisonous to us.

Include nature in your day, and do your best to avoid stressful environments such as watching the news or spending too much time on devices.

Do not wait for symptoms of Alzheimer's to come along. It is much easier to prevent than reverse. The whole healing journey is made easier if caregivers clean up their environment.

Suppose you want to go that extra mile. Kirtan Kriya meditation is proven to help move your nervous system into a healing state, quickly reducing stress in your life.

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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