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Don't let the conventional view of Alzheimer's disease discourage you. While it's often seen as a normal part of aging, pioneers within medicine refuse to accept this limited perspective on brain health. Let's follow in their footsteps and strive to understand this disease better.

Dr. Dale Bredsen and other visionary doctors are revolutionizing the way we approach dementia, offering hope and healing to those who have been told there is no cure. Their innovative protocols have been shown to reverse what was once considered an irreversible disease, inspiring a new era of possibility and optimism. Dr. Bredsen considers Alzhimer's to be optional!

What is Alzhimer's?

It's best to examine all underlying factors when facing an untreatable disease like Alzheimer's, which has numerous contributing factors.

A conventional doctor may say there is no cure, treatment, or way to delay Alzheimer's, but functional medicine is emerging as a potential solution.

If one can identify each individual's unique contributing factors, one can then attempt to optimize each using a functional approach. This involves addressing the specific aspects causing the problem. This may sound simplistic, but most doctors do not think this way.

Telling individuals to wait for new drugs or symptoms before acting is an outdated approach. First, we must identify your risk factors.

Prevent, Treat, Reverse

Dr. Bredsen's approach to Alzheimer's focuses on diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, brain training, targeted supplements, and detoxification.

Alzheimer's disease can be attributed to a lack of network efficiency in the brain. This means that the brain cannot meet the demands placed upon it, which reduces its capacity. This downsizing process leads to the symptoms associated with Alzheimer's. Imagine a computer with insufficient storage for all the files that have been uploaded - its performance would suffer. Similarly, when the brain is in this stressful state, it becomes vulnerable to pathogens, which can form amyloid plaques. Essentially, the brain switches from a growth and development mode to a protective downsizing mode to cope with the situation.

Chronic Neurological Fight or Flight = bad news.

By addressing things such as diet, nutritional supplementation, sleep, etc, we can increase your brain's capacity for function.

We must improve how we support this incredible neuroplastic network, our brain.

Dr. Bredsen's work encompasses various areas, but one in particular can be immediately supported through EMPower Plus. When the brain is under stress, nutrient deficiency, especially minerals, is one of the first areas to suffer. Most mineral products available in the market are chelated for 4 hours, whereas the minerals in EMPower Plus are chelated for 4 days. This means they are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier and effectively address the area that desperately needs them.

Please don't wait for symptoms of dementia to form; take a preventative action-based approach today and feed your brain the nutrition it needs and deserves.

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Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP



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