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Hands down, spring is my favourite season. As someone who struggles from anxiety, I always feel excited when spring hits.

The sun starts shining more, plants start germinating and the birds sing earlier in the morning. New life and new beginnings begin in spring, all the flowering buds and trees start to show signs they are back too.

As a young girl I dreaded going to the garden center with my mother, but now that I am a mom, it’s my absolute favourite place to be, and I bring my kids along for the ride! She planted seeds in my mind and got me ready for all my own gardening adventures which I hope to continue to do with my children and future grandchildren.

Getting into my garden and getting my hands dirty is such a beautiful experience. The feeling of the warm soil slipping between my fingers as I plant my seeds. Watching them germinate through the soil, forming buds and blossoming into creation. When you plant seeds in the earth, care for them, watch them sprout, and witness it grow – it is exciting. Especially when you get to harvest and eat your own hard work.

I find a sense of peace and clarity when I am in the garden. Hearing the buzz of bees, the chirping of the birds, feeling the warm sun on my back and the smell of the fresh crisp spring air makes my heart truly grow with gratitude for God's creations.

I often get my children to wander barefoot in the dirt not only to boost their immune system but to also feel grounded and connected to the earth, plus they consider it fun regardless of the positive impacts they are receiving. The crucial factor is, it is free and simply outside your door, be it grass, dirt, mud or water.

Do you know that sunlight and movement release endorphins in your body, which help you feel calm and lower stress levels?

Next time you feel anxious, get outside and try it for yourself to discover what benefits you experience!

Tara Smith

Truehope Canada Representative (North Van Island)

Cell: 250-465-8175


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