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Truehope's flagship product EMPower Plus has been supporting Canadian mental health for over 20 years, but it is not just those with a specific diagnosis who can benefit from one of the most studied micronutrients in the world.

Many of our customers use our products to improve, enhance or "bio-hack" their

health performance by providing the complicated systems of their bodies with high quality bioavailable nutrients.

Before I get into how EMPower Plus can enhance your biology, it is highly unusual for a natural health product to have independent peer reviewed research publications. EMPower Plus has 35 papers studied by 49 independent researchers at 15 universities. This should blow the minds of those who look at the science behind any medicine or natural health product.

For a closer look at our research, CLICK HERE for our science page.

I will break this blog into 3 sections, The Brain, The Body & Daily Wellbeing.

The Brain is one of the most complicated and energy hungry organs in your incredible body. It is a common misconception that the brain is beyond repair. The truth is, the brain can repair itself, and neuroscience shows more and more each day that we have a lot of power over the regeneration and enhancement of this precious organ.

We can help keep our brain sharp and elastic throughout our lifetime, and micronutrient supplementation plays a huge role.

EMPower Plus promotes calm, clarity and focus. By nourishing the brain with game-changing performance enhancing nutrition, EMPower Plus can calm your mind, which leads to clear focused thoughts and attention.

The specific combination of 36 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants is formulated using state of the art Apex Biosyntheisis production methods, which ensure optimal absorption, regards of your digestive capabilities.

This special blend of nutrition boosts the function of the central nervous system, promoting better cognitive function.

It is now accepted in the medical scientific community that the adult brain can grow new neurons and glial cells, something that the medical establishment previously disbelieved. Today, the brain is considered resilient, pliable and plastic.

Quality nutrition is a key component to decrease your risk of cognitive decline.

The term neuroplasticity refers to the ability of the brain to "rewire" itself through the practice of a desired skill. This magic is created by the combination of new cells and new learning. When fresh nerve cells are properly nourished and well stimulated, they make new connections. In other words, they become healthy brain cells that contribute to learning and developing new skills.

The Body is constantly hard at work. Every second your body performs thousands of chemical and electrical reactions, I see them as micro-miracles. When you feel your best, these reactions work efficiently, primarily because your body is supplied with all these vital minerals and micronutrients in sufficient quantities.

EMPower Plus allows your immune system to work at its highest potential. During these winter months, your immune system is working harder than ever. As it ramps up, it must have a steady supply of high-quality ingredients to create all the functions and cells it needs to combat infection. The use of a micronutrient formula gives your body what it needs to have optimal immunity, so that you can continue to thrive.

The supplementation of micronutrients addresses nutritional deficiencies that affect physical health, and provides the body with the nutritional foundation needed for healing. This allows you to get back to your favourite physical pastime faster.

Your Daily Wellbeing must be a conscious factor, even if you feel great! The simple introduction of EMPower Plus provides the nutrients the body needs to correct deficiencies, enabling the body to perform optimally.

Everyday we experience micro-stressors, and those small anxieties consume more nutrients than normal, which further depletes the brain and body. Supplementing with a broad spectrum of micronutrients will allow your body to pull from this key pool of resources.

In my professional and personal experience, it is more important to take your daily supplements as a preventive measure than simply taking them when you are sick! If you do not have this build-up and regular consumption, your body will do little with it.

Visit to see how and why EMPower Plus is the perfect addition to your already amazing life!

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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