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We have all experienced it, we all know how it feels. Fear is flooding our consciousness and nervous system at an unprecedented rate. So let's discuss how fear runs riot within the body, and what we can do to reduce its devastating physical and psychological effects.

When we think a thought or feel an emotion, we biochemically change. The biochemical reaction of a thought begins in the brain with the release of certain chemicals. This is miraculous, because you're actually creating matter, something physical within yourself. These chemicals travel around the body and make you feel how you were just thinking.

Then we begin to have an awareness of how we are feeling, so we think more thoughts equal to that feeling, which creates more brain chemical messengers to release to make you feel even more connected to what you're thinking.

Confused? Here's a fear based example -

When you have a scary or fear-based thought, you will begin to feel fear. When you feel that fear, that physical emotional presence will make you think more fearful thoughts, which creates more chemicals and more sensations of fear. This is when we get in a spiral! This happens frequently with anxiety and depression too.

Your fear based thoughts are creating fearful feelings, and your fearful feelings are creating more fearful thoughts. A horrible dark loop.

Think of your thoughts as the language of the brain, and feelings as the language of the body. And how you think and how you feel create your state of being. Fearful thoughts and fearful feelings create this entirely negative state of being, which holds you prisoner to your relationship with fear.

Our fears come from different places, usually from the past. And if we continue to allow the fears of our past to determine our current state of being, we are literally stuck in the past, unable to create anything new, and step into possibility, aka the future.

When we fire and wire those fearful thoughts so often, they become significant parts of our neurological circuitry, and it becomes easier to be stuck in darker thoughts, feelings and states of being.

Emotions are energy in motion.

All energy is frequency, and all frequency carries information. As humans, we are always sending and receiving energetic information.

I am sure you can remember when someone with a powerful energy steps into a room, it's palpable. We also feel it when we are in the presence of someone angry or frustrated. The emotional energy of that person radiates from them, and as energetic, electrical beings, we pick that up like a magnet!

Without going into too much detail about Quantum Theory or Quantum Mechanics, the emotions of fear, anger, rage, depression, lack, jealousy, all carry a specific weak, slow energetic frequency. If we live by these emotions daily, then our own energetic charge is equal to our negative experience.

On the other hand, emotions such as love, joy, happiness and gratitude carry a much stronger, faster frequency. Experiencing these emotions is a wonderful goal of meditation, and a key to healing and happiness.

What can we do for ourselves and others?

I think the first step is to recognize the clear divide between us at the moment. Then remember what brings us together and what we have in common.

Re-engaging with our community is crucial for the future of all, and in particular for us as individuals. Being part of a collective is one of the best things we can do for our mental health, and conscious efforts to connect with the positive high-frequency emotions I have mentioned will be the key to understanding the commonality that we all have.

We all need joy, love, gratitude, understanding and connection in our lives. And we can use our current state of being to create an opportunity to reach out and reconnect with premeditated positive emotions. Emotions that your loved ones can feel internally, because we all craving the vibrations of love.

Enjoy your day, smile and create gratitude.

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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