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Bouncing off our blog post "Mind Detox," we wanted to share some ways to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins!

The toxin intake of each individual is difficult to assess. Activity and environment create fluctuations between people, but what we know is that studies have shown that people are exposed to more than 400 different carcinogens (1).

Eliminating all toxic substances is impossible, they are everywhere! Your food is covered with pesticides, your house with flame retardants, and your phone constantly emits electromagnetic frequencies, be it mild, still chronic radiation exposure.

We can and must take precautions to restrict them.

By reducing your body's exposure to these toxins, we allow our incredible healing body to do what it does best. Remove toxins, repair and heal. We covered our miraculous detoxification organs in "Mind Detox."

Cutting out foods that your body does not fully recognize is step one. Food such as cow's milk and wheat shock the body, as our modern agricultural system has contaminated these sources of food beyond repair. There are a hundred documentaries on this topic. We must also remove poisonous ingredients, such as MSG and aspartame, which are found in an alarming amount of common foods. These man-made chemicals are again something your body cannot use for benefit. They simply irritate your immune system and cause inflammation.

A review of the medications you take is also a great step to allowing your body to heal successfully. Are these medicines 100% necessary? Do they cause more harm than good? Have they been designed and tested for long-term use?

Massive questions I would reserve for your doctor.

These first steps require research and work. Which foods and products come into close contact with your body that contain flame retardants, pesticides, fluoride, phthalates (plastics) and heavy metals?

Your most basic but effective way to reduce your toxic load will be to look at your food, water, cleaning and personal care products.

Can you eat more organically, have a good water filter system and are your cleaning and beauty products non-toxic?

Then we can move on to stress relief. In view of the last two years, emotional stress is a key focus, because it can be one of the most deadly toxic exposures of all (2).

What we have are many ways to reduce your stress quickly. But what most people don't have is time. Or more precisely, the appearance of time. The reason I say that is because we are our own worst enemy. No one on planet Earth is too busy not to take 10 minutes to close their eyes and perform breathing exercises. It is a matter of conscious priority. Our culture forces us to make inner healing the last priority, something our society has terribly wrong.

We have many stress reduction options available, we all have our own preferences. Personally, nothing changes my inner state like a concentrated breathing exercise.

Check this video out on how I do it!

All the best,

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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