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Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) is exactly what it sounds like. An extracted plant-nutrient from the olive leaf. This nutrient is called oleuropein, and you will find high concentrations of it within our OLE. Antioxidants have been getting significant hype these days, and for good reason. The science proving the benefits of antioxidants is overwhelming, and what is surprising about OLE is that it is 4x more powerful than Vitamin C, as an antioxidant.

One of our primary goals here at Truehope Canada is to radically transform lives, and share the blessings that our Truehope family has received over the many years, and our introduction of OLE is no exception from this goal. Our flagship product EMPower Plus was our only product for a long time, but we noticed

different health concerns within the community. Thyroid issues increased, so we bought in Nascent Iodine, but the concerns didn't stop there.

We also saw many people suffering from gut problems, and how this led to seriously low levels of nutrient absorption. The main reason behind these absorption concerns is a history of antibiotics. These harsh pharmaceuticals wipe out gut flora, beneficial and pathogenic, and when people don't replenish these lost microbes with pre and probiotics, serious digestive problems arise. With this digestive problem, many people end up with a candida overgrowth. Candida is an opportunistic pathogen that, when out of control, will significantly impair your absorption potential.

Our EMPower Plus is a highly absorbable form of nutrition, but we found that some customers with candida and yeast issues were being robbed of those quality nutrients. Robbed because candida and other pathogenic microorganisms love to consume bioavailable nutrition, just like your brain and body does.

We found many EMPower Plus users simply fed these dis-ease causing pathogens, rather than appreciating the full effects of our EMPower Plus. This is why we decided to produce the anti-fungal, OLE, for those prone to yeast infections. OLE also acts as an anti-parasitic, antiviral, antibacterial, and of course, antioxidant, but it goes a long way beyond this.

Our OLE is primarily promoted for cardiovascular health because the research is so strong in its blood pressure regulating effects. Just like our Inositol, OLE also balances blood sugar levels to help those with type 2 diabetes. DOSING When it comes to dosing, it is important to introduce OLE slowly, due to its powerful anti-fungal effects.

Starting too high can lead to a condition called Herxheimer's. This condition is caused when pathogens die in the intestines, and the toxins they release cause you flu-like symptoms. This is common in people with candida and yeast concerns. This is why we recommend starting slow with our recommended dose of 2 capsules a day, and looking to increase towards 6 capsules, if you're one of those people with candida. Our OLE bottle contains 180 capsules, so at 6 capsules a day, it will last you a month. It is important to discuss with our Micronutrient Support Team the best way to take our products for your specific circumstances. Connecting with a health practitioner will be important, because you will need to add a probiotic to fill the gap OLE has created, by getting rid of those pathogenic microbial species. The reason we created our own version of OLE is the same reason we created our own version of Inositol. We found that some other OLE products did a fine job, and others were mediocre! Unfortunately, when people visited the health food store, they got mixed results. For this reason, we decided to create our own reliable OLE that does the job.

It is important to have confidence in any supplement you're taking. When you take OLE, you can be sure that you will be getting it's anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant effects!

Have a great day!

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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