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Brain injury recovery

During 2014, my peaceful life took a drastic turn. I was victim to an assault which landed me in the Intensive Care Unit of Royal Alex Hospital, Alberta. I left with 18 stitches on several parts of my body: my neck, forehead, chin, tongue and chest.

As the victim of a crime, I was offered the services of a psychologist who diagnosed me with PTSD. The prescribed medication from my family doctor was helping, but the side effects were affecting my daily activities - brain fog, dry mouth & fatigue. I know I was not functioning at my best, I lost my joy for living, sense of humour and laughter. Memories and emotions attached to the trauma continued to pop up when I least expected it. Rendering me a social phobia. Mental health is something that freaks many people out, a social taboo you could say. Especially by those who don’t seem to understand it. Get over it,” was the advice I got from close friends and colleagues. Everything happens for a reason. My recovery started with a question, why me?

This simple question took me on a journey for a quest to find the necessary education to begin ownership of my own health and well-being. My prayers were answered when I came across Truehope Canada's website for brain recovery.

I started to use two of Truehope Canada's products, EMPower Plus and Inositol.

True healing started to take place and I began feeling in charge of my mental health. No more prescribed psychiatric medications and harsh side effects! My previous traumatized personality is now in the past! It is nothing more than history. Here I am today; resilient with post-traumatic growth. Truehope's line of products has helped me to find my IKIGAI. Life is beautiful!

I proudly advocate for Truehope products which are evidence based. I am the living evidence, just like hundreds of thousands of others!

Nick Nauthoa

Truehope Rep Northern Alberta


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