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Your Path to Better Mental and Physical Well-Being

EMPowerplus is our flagship product and one of the most studied micronutrient formulas in the world.

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The Truehope Story

An answer to prayer.

About Truehope
Stephan Family

It all began when Anthony Stephan's wife, Debora, followed in her father's footsteps and succumbed to suicide after her 10-year battle with Bipolar Disorder. Now the sole provider for their ten children, 2 of whom, Joseph and Autumn, had inherited their mother's disorder, Anthony soon discovered that the psychiatric medications that had failed his wife were also failing his children.


Seeing his children progress down an all too familiar path with only one possible outcome, Anthony turned to God, desperately pleading for an answer. After months of frequent meditation and prayer, an answer came. In November 1995, he learned that vitamins and minerals were used to resolve similar disorders in animal agriculture.

Feeling inspired, Anthony immediately put it to the test on his son Joseph, but the results were poor. He persisted, and on January 18th of, 1996, he succeeded with a specific combination of vitamins and minerals, which produced almost immediate results. Over the next few months, Joseph and Autumn became medication free and were feeling well. Anthony knew that his prayers had finally been answered. Now over 26 years later, they both enjoy happy, fulfilling lives and have beautiful families of their own.

Since its initial discovery, the original combination of vitamins and minerals has been extensively refined and is now known as

Truehope EMPower Plus. This product has helped tens of thousands of people to achieve mental well-being. It has become one of the

most widely studied natural products for mental health, now supported by 35 medical journal publications that confirm its special life-enhancing



To view this story's full-length Discovery Health documentary, CLICK HERE.


Truehope was established to set and define the global standard of what true healing means by designing and applying evidence-based products and professional quality programs accessible and tailored to the needs of men, women and children and providing them with the knowledge and education necessary for individuals' ownership of health.

At Truehope, we commit ourselves to overcome regulatory issues, educating humanity about the prevention and treatment of nutritional deficiency disorders, and establishing a new mainstream culture of non-invasive healing. Leading with compassion and trust in God will point every action toward the great pinnacle of hope.

Towards a new understanding of mental wellness

Truehope is a company that focuses first and foremost on promoting brain and body health through non-invasive, nutritional means. The company was founded in 1996 by Tony Stephan and David Hardy and is entirely independent.



Over the last 26 years, we have worked diligently to provide hundreds of thousands of people with life-changing experiences by providing the best micronutrients! 

Starting with non-GMO raw materials passed through rigorous testing to ensure they are pure and clean, we then improve quality and efficacy by significantly increasing the absorbability through our proprietary processing techniques. 

As evidenced in 35 medical journal publications reflecting 24 independent peer reviewed studies, our products are not only safe but also profoundly effective. When delivering life-changing results, we cannot afford to cut corners on the safety and quality of our products.

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Environmental Commitment

We deeply care about the well-being of all life and respect the purity of Nature

and her gift of healing.

To help preserve the environment, we:


• Use glass bottles and metal lids whenever possible – to minimize use of
• Secure organic supplies whenever possible – to eliminate pesticide use
• Use only vegetarian capsules

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