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To successfully detoxify, we must ensure that our detox organs are in prime shape! That means putting old ideas about detox to the side. It is not a fad or trend, it is a serious biological pathway that requires consistent awareness and care.

Remember that detox is a lifestyle, it is not a fad!

When we add small, consistent changes to our lives, this can lead to huge improvements, especially in health. Here are a few ways to pursue a healthy detoxification strategy:

Eat Superfoods

What you put into your body is as important as what you don't! Specific foods and supplements are crucial for detoxification.

Eat more blueberries, as the compounds in blueberries protect the kidneys from oxidative stress and inflammation. Curcumin helps your liver and kidneys detox. It can also repair and regenerate damaged organ tissue.

Probiotics found in fermented foods support the gut bacteria that are essential for healthy digestive function and colon detox. Good-quality supplements can also help. Organic coffee promotes the health and regeneration of the liver. If we want effective detoxification, our liver must be in excellent condition.

The last super food is perhaps the most important, cruciferous vegetables. These include broccoli, kale and cabbage. These foods are rich in the sulfur-rich compound sulforaphane, which is an all-out rock star when it comes to detoxification.


Next, we have daily movement and if you can sweat. Working out or walking around the block pumps the lymphatic system. This enables your body to eliminate toxins more efficiently. Movement also supports regular bowel movements, so if you are someone whose toilet habits are everywhere, moving your body every day will begin to improve them.

Walking after a meal is a simple habit that promotes digestion and elimination.


Disconnecting from your phone, news and screens will support your mind to rest, relax and repair.

Spending some time in nature without the onslaught of media headlines, social media comparisons, and information overload gives the mind the chance to rest and recover.


To remove toxins from the body, we must sleep well. When we sleep, our spinal fluid in the brain increases and releases waste from our precious brain cells.

If we do not sleep well, these toxins accumulate and can be the beginning of something like Alzheimer's.

Of course, there is so much more you can do, but it's easy to start easy and build on your success.

Eat super foods, move your body, unplug each day and sleep well!

All the best, and CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST!!! -

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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