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Reduce Your Stress Levels to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

As you’re well aware, we’re facing unprecedented times as we face Covid-19, it’s a global pandemic that we must fight locally. You of course already know and are practicing the basics so we won’t go into them in depth, but we’d be remiss to not touch on them! - Wash your hands regularly  - Avoid touching your face - Clean regularly, including door knobs and phones  ​- Maintain social distance, and self isolate But no matter how hard you work at preventing your exposure, if you’re stressed you’re going to  diminish your immunity.   When we’re under chronic or long term stress we spend too much time in “fight or flight” mode, regulated by the sympathetic nervous system. This part of the nervous system prepares you to escape from danger and / or fight, whether that’s against a physical or a mental threat. This chronic stress means we’re not spending enough time in “rest and digest” mode, regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system.  These two nervous systems regulate our immune system! When we’re under chronic stress, and our stress hormone cortisol is always elevated, our immune system can be suppressed. This makes you more susceptible to pathogens like Covid-19. If you haven’t experienced a raise in your stress levels, please share your secrets! For the rest of you, make it your top priority to build your mental resilience: - Choose a reputable news source, and watch no more than one daily update  - Step away from the social media platforms, or unfollow accounts that are raising your anxiety levels - Prioritize sleep at all costs. We have lots of tips in this article. - Meditate. It doesn’t need to be fancy, or done cross legged on the floor, just find moments to breathe deeply and calm your nervous system. If you need some structure why not try 5 minutes on the hour every hour! - Make it a priority to connect with friends over Facetime/Skype. Even though we need to distance ourselves from each other, we still need social connection - Along the same lines, phone, don’t text. Make a point to build connections with people you can’t see face to face right now - Take a mental health day from work if it’s all getting too much, you have good reason to need one - Put your phone down and read a book - Stay well hydrated. Take your body weight in pounds, divide by two and drink the resulting number of water in ounces per day - Avoid refined sugar and alcohol that negatively affect your immune system  - Get daily movement, from going for a walk or bike ride, to following an online yoga class, or practicing push ups.   Truehope’s OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) and Nascent Iodine are good supplemental additions too. OLE is a proven antimicrobial and powerful way to strengthen your immune system. It has 4 times the antioxidant capacity of Vitamin C, so is a worthy addition! Nascent Iodine is essential for fighting off infections, as well as for proper immune system functioning. Working to spend more time in “rest and digest”, will not only make your immune system more resilient, reduce inflammation and reduce your risk of most chronic diseases, but it can also reduce your chance of catching and reducing the severity of COVID-19.  The whole Truehope team wishes you health and safety as we navigate these times.


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