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At Truehope, we are proud to offer six incredible products that support mind and body through all the stressors and biological problems one may have. Today we want to share how

Bone Maintenance Development (BMD) can significantly support the female menstrual cycle.

Check out the testimonials below!

NANCY - Getting off medications!

"When I was 13 years old, I started my menstruation cycle. The pain was unbelievable. I would be out of commission for two days.

Then I got a prescription from my doctor called Anaprox, a pharmaceutical drug that helps with menstrual cramps and inflammation.

I tried other natural substitutes, but the pain was still there. I would have to take the pharmaceutical Anaprox. Then I started taking BMD (Bone Maintenance Development) by Truehope Canada. I started noticing the pain wasn't as bad.

So I decided to increase the dose, especially before my menstrual cycle to 6 a day. The pain was minimal, I could function without medication. I am so happy to have found Truehope's BMD and will always continue to take it!! "

TARA - BMD & Menstrual changes

"Being a woman comes with challenges. Especially during that time of the month, or even the lead up.

Debilitating doesn't even come close.

For me, I have always struggled with heavy periods that I try to reduce by exercising, but that would not combat the other effects I have experienced.

Headaches and cramps are among the worst types of symptoms, followed by mood swings and bloating. There were various types of supplements I tried, such as calcium, vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and eventually Tylenol, something I always tried to avoid if possible.

When I started taking BMD + K2 a year ago, I noticed a difference in my cycles and cramps. The cramps were almost completely gone if I took the full dose, which is 6 tablets a day.

It also helps with PMS mood swings, which tend to occur along with my cycle.

It has been a game changer for me every month, and I am grateful for this product that has such an amazing mix of vitamins and minerals in one convenient supplement."

BMD could be that perfect formula you have been looking for.

Following in the footsteps of our highly acclaimed EMPower Plus formula, BMD is a properly balanced, extremely bioavailable mineral supplement with the right vitamins to ensure that you don’t just feel good about taking it, but that you feel great from taking it.

  • 7 properly balanced bone building and hormone balancing minerals.

  • 3 vitamins necessary for the absorption and proper assimilation of calcium in the body.

  • Proprietary absorption technology to ensure that the minerals get to where they need to go in the body.

Remember… you aren’t what you eat, but rather what you absorb. When it comes to producing BMD, no corners are cut to ensure maximum absorption and the greatest results. Traditionally, BMD was produced to be used alongside Truehope's EMPower Plus, so that it delivers more bone-building minerals without compromising the delicate balance and success of the minerals already found in EMPower Plus. Today, many use BMD as a stand-alone bone builder with great success. Over the years, many women have also reported that BMD has alleviated much of the discomfort and problems associated with menstruation. Are you interested in improving your bone and hormone health? Put BMD to the test today!

Have the best day!

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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