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Vitamin D improves your immune function and resistance to viral infections of all kinds, including COVID-19.

Low Vitamin D means higher disease severity

Studies done during the height of COVID-19 showed a correlation between vitamin D levels in study participants and disease severity. Those with the mildest form of the disease had the highest vitamin D levels, and the sickest had the least.

The optimal vitamin D levels in the study were low, so even those with the mildest form of COVID-19 had suboptimal levels. This makes sense when we see that a remarkable number of people are chronically deficient.

Other research brings mortality risk to this vitamin D / COVID-19 equation.

Those in the lower range of vitamin D levels (20ng / ml - 30ng / ml) had a SEVEN-fold risk of death in people with levels above 30ng / ml. People with levels below 20ng / ml had a risk of death TWELVE times higher!

Given that it is as easy as being outside for longer and supplementing well, this information is frightening, because so many people fall into this low-level category.

It is vital that you test your vitamin D levels and then work with a health professional to increase your levels through supplementation.

When you reach the right levels for you, we must maintain them with consistent supplementation. You even have to consider the time of year and your geographical position.

Skin Colour

Many factors come into your risk of disease and death when it comes to viral infection, also COVID-19. Obesity, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, and other chronic diseases cause immune dysregulation, leaving you susceptible to serious infection, disease and death.

People with more melanin (darker skin) need more sun exposure to produce the necessary amounts of vitamin D. For some darker skinned people, it is almost impossible to obtain enough vitamin D from sunlight in some places. Supplementation is necessary.

We see some governments around the world who care about their citizens or who actually read the research on vitamin D and disease. These administrations provide vitamin D supplements to the public, as they prefer to see them thrive rather than struggle.

Vitamin D powers up your Immune System

We have 3 types of immunity. Adaptive, passive and innate.

Adaptive immunity is something that evolves throughout our lives. It develops when we are exposed to certain pathogens.

Passive immunity comes from another source, and is temporary. Antibodies passing through breast milk are an amazing example of passive immunity.

Innate immunity is what we are all born with, our baseline protection. It protects you against all antigens. Innate immunity includes barriers that prevent harmful materials from entering the body. These barriers form the first line of defence in the immune response.

Vitamin D has such an influence on your innate and adaptive immune system.

Vitamin D supports your first-line protection system and is highly effective in balancing and regulating your adaptive immunity.

The virus SARS-CoV-2 works with our existing systems to multiple and do its thing. But those with sufficient vitamin D levels can regulate and balance the immune response to the virus, rendering it mild or in most cases completely harmless.

Final note

When you supplement, it must be every day. It has proven to be more effective in adjusting levels than bulk doses once a week.

All the best.

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP


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