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For years, literally 27 of them, I struggled with intense anxiety that started as a young child and

carried on through my adolescent and teenage years. As a young adult, it manifested in more

brutal ways as I sunk into a deep addiction in an attempt to cut myself off from the world.

There was a long time in my twenties when I figured my life story was already written, and it was only a matter of time before I succumbed to my addiction. I had given up, the uphill battle seemed too long and arduous, and I had no more resources. However, during that time, I learned

what anxiety was and began realizing it.

It resonated deeply with me when I thought about my life thus far. This was the first step to my recovery, finally being able to give a name to what I was struggling with.

After 5 1⁄2 years of addiction, I was able to make a fresh start in a new province.

There began my journey of recovery and mental health awareness. I started incorporating healthy behaviours, meditating, and making healthier food choices.

Getting my dog helped me get outside in nature every day, and I found lots of peace between the trees under the sun.

Even with all these new habits, I found myself still really struggling to get a handle on my anxiety. I had a better headspace and willpower, so I forced myself into more situations, but I did not seem to be making much progress on that front.

I grew more and more frustrated with myself for feeling this way. I would spend hours meditating before serving shifts, doing errands, or any event. I realized that my case might be more severe and thought about getting on some medication, though I wanted to avoid it if possible.

With the birth of my daughter came new challenges, and as many new mothers will know,

anxiety tends to be heightened. I started seeing my concern negatively affect my daughter, as I

was too anxious to leave the house or bring her anywhere. I wanted her to experience the world

fully and not be held back on my account.

I decided to talk to my doctor and got a prescription for anxiety medication. (it was an antidepressant that I was told would work for anxiety, red flag!)

The adjustment period was rough, but I saw positive changes with time. I could

finally experience life for the first time without anxiety, which was life-changing for my family and me. It came with a price, and I would notice within a couple of hours if I forgot it at

home while out and about. I was unhappy with the side effects and felt I was at the mercy of

the pills. I hoped I could try and wean off one day, but I didn't have any fundamental ideas about how to make that happen.

After maternity leave, I took a job with Vitality Health as I pursued my education in Holistic

Nutrition, which led me to EMPower Plus! I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a natural

mental health substitute for my current medication. After training, I was given a free bottle and decided to give it a go.

It was a bit nerve-racking, as I finally had freedom from anxiety and was nervous I would need to go through the process again if I didn't notice a change with EMPower Plus. But my fears were for nothing as the transition was pretty seamless for me, and the only thing I noticed was side effects from coming off the prescription medication.

Which was quite a big deal as I was simultaneously going through the process of adjusting to

life as a single mother. My anxiety was even less than before, as I wasn't anxious about taking

the pills simultaneously each day or forgetting them at home.

I navigated a tricky time of life and kept a level head. EMPower Plus provides the foundation for other healthy habits to take root, and now I experience the benefit of them much more significantly. I'm happy knowing I am supplying my body and brain with the necessary

micronutrients to naturally balance hormones, stress and anxiety. EMPower Plus, in conjunction

with healthy eating and lifestyle habits, has changed my life completely, and I look forward to

experiencing life to its fullest, whatever that may bring.

Sarah Meister


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