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Piggy backing off The Truth Behind Heart Disease, I think it is important to convey to you how unbelievably misinformed we have all been in terms of fat and your health.

Since the 1970s, we have witnessed an industrial war on fat! You simply have to look at how "science" is done today to understand how such a massive slander project has occurred.

It is widely known that many peer review essays are corrupted by corporate funding and special interests. In many cases, the results are written before the research is even made!

In the United States, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) finds bias and questionable procedures in many publications. This is not happening on rare occasions, and we are not talking about minor errors or mistakes. Recorded violations include fraud, misconduct, and incompetence! In 2021, you have to wonder whether the headlines we observe are based on actual science, or whether the results are cherry-picked, and I am reading clear lies?

The CDC actually has a reputation for not being honest when it publishes disclaimers in its studies. The British Medical Journal has written its own essays on this scandalous practice (1).

When politics invades public health and admirable science, it is always a disaster! For more than 50 years, the government has stuck its nose in to offer nutritional advice and recommendations, something they have no expertise in.

You would expect sound health advice to be accurate with all the funding available for research. But no, we have an epidemic of obesity, cancer, diabetes and chronic diseases.

We have never been sicker.

Politics infamously stuck their neck into health when they began to demonize saturated fats and cholesterol, and then blame them for heart disease. Although scientists warned the government that there was no scientific support for this claim.

Thankfully, true science has exonerated saturated fats and cholesterol from causing heart disease.

Government nutrition recommendations are far from perfect, and in many countries you will still see them promoting low-fat diets and refined sugars.

I have the feeling that most consumers have awakened, recognizing how unhealthy our governments "recommendations" are, and that traditional foods will always prevail.

With some remarkable research (documents dating back to the 1960s), medical researchers discovered how the sugar industry financed the promotion of saturated fat and heart disease, and silenced evidence that sugar was to blame (2).

This has been happening for 60 years!

To be honest, I understand the business tactic, regardless of how disgusting it is. If you had a product (sugar), which was cheap to produce, easy to put into everything and craved by all, but knew it was a silent killer, how would you shift the blame? Pay Havard scientists to write papers on fat and heart disease, and shower sugar with a spoon full of innocence. Malevolent, but genius.

The sugar industry has paid crazy amounts of money to suppress empirical data that proves sugar is associated with cancer and heart disease (3). You simply have to look at what people are eating and what health outcomes are. It's obvious.

We all have to remember that corporations are 100% profit-oriented, they only have the bottom line to focus on, and shareholders to keep happy. Even today, there are many companies that practice this way. The company itself is a body, a company, a person, so a CEO cannot be to blame or held criminally liable. That is how many companies can do unimaginable things. I recommend reading further into this.

So how has the myth of saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease continued?

Simple put, the lowering of cholesterol has been one of the largest money makers for pharmaceutical companies (4). Selling statins under the guise of health is a $100 billion a year business.

Evidence and science show that saturated fats and cholesterol do not cause heart disease, but considerable money has been spent to keep this information secret.

It is important to know that certain sectors have a strong influence on government nutrition advice. Some countries do an okay job with nutritional information, but attempting to recommend the same diet for a whole population is wrong.

"Experts" who put together these colorful and pretty pyramids and plates do not take into account individual circumstances, and in particular do not take into account how different our microbiota are.

That's for another blog post. Research and eat well!

Have a lovely week!

Simon Brazier. Dip HN, NNCP



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