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Our formula has continuously
improved for over a decade.

Vitamins & Minerals

The proper balance of vitamins and minerals is crucial for a well-functioning nervous system, and a fundamental building block of a strong immune system.*

Superfood Complex

Phytonutrients from nutrient-dense superfoods build the foundation of whole-body health beyond basic nutrition by supporting the microbiome and key bodily systems. We obsess about sourcing high-quality superfoods at their ideal harvest time to optimize nutrient content.

Dairy Free Probiotics

Probiotics support your gut health, enhance nutrient absorption and strengthen your immune system. Prebiotics are special types of fiber that feed those probiotics so they can multiply and establish an ongoing presence in your digestive system.*

Plant Extracts & Antioxidants

Potent plant extracts, herbs and antioxidants are featured in every scoop and provide you with additional support you won’t receive from regular vitamins and minerals. Some of these herbs are adaptogens, an amazing class of herbs that help you adapt to stress.*

Enzyme & Mushroom Complex

Ingredients with naturally occurring enzymes that bolster the digestive process and enhance nutrient absorption. Our formula also contains immune-supporting mushrooms.*

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