BMD Overview

At Truehope we are not as interested in selling products as we are in providing meaningful life change. As such, we are committed to only providing products to the Canadian market after they have proven to substancially benefit the lives of those that have put them to the test. The launch of Truehope BMD is no exception. After nearly 20 years of observing the dramatic life changes that Truehope EMP has produced by increasing brain health, we decided to apply the same proven and proprietary production methods to create a bone mineral supplement. The outcome ... a mineral supplement that is properly balanced, extremely bioavailable and in our observations go well beyond simply assisting in the development and maintainance of strong bones and joints. 

BMD Benefits

• BMD supports the development and maintenance of healthy bones, teeth, gums, skin and joints

• It also supports wound healing and proper muscle function

• BMD's ideal mineral balance promotes optimal results and works synergistically with Truehope EMP™

• BMD is chelated and micronized for maximum absorption

BMD Effectiveness

BALANCE - A unique and powerful component to the BMD formulation is the proper mineral balance. Maintaining this critical yet delicate balance within the body is essential in the formation of strong bones and is the foundation of why BDM works.

Advance your journey to wellness today and see what your body can do when supplied with the exceptional nutrients found within Truehope BMD!

BMD Science

Apex Biosynthesis Chelation Technology - Using our proprietary processing, the properly balanced minerals within BMD are micronized and then chelated (bound to organic molecules) over a 4 day period, ultimately replicating the model that nature has provided for supplying highly effective nutrition. This allows for the nutrients in BMD to rapidly absorb, ensuring delivery of the right balance of nutrients to the right areas of the body.